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Screen shot 2016 11 21 at 12.07.00 pm article
The Content Strategist

Period Piece: How Feminist Brands Are Using Storytelling

If you’re a biological female, chances are you’ve got a story like this. There you are, in the midst of some totally unrelated event, when your monthly flow shows up uninvited. But instead of tucking away the story to regale friends with later, the Agrawals did something unexpected: They won the race. The event would serve as an inspiration for a business that’s now leading a wave of companies fundamentally changing feminine hygiene marketing.

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The Content Strategist

How Lenny Letter Turned an Unorthodox Media Model Into a Safe ...

The origin story for Lenny Letter, the feminist newsletter launched by Girls co-creators Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, starts back in 2014.

Screen shot 2017 03 23 at 3.47.11 pm article
The Content Strategist

The Legally Hazy World of Cannabis Marketing

If you look at a map of the U.S., more than half of it has a green hue. Today, cannabis is legal, in some capacity, in 28 states. Yet as state governments roll out progressive legislature, marijuana brands have hit an unexpected roadblock: advertising.

Gloria and dorothy article

Anger Is Energy: An Encounter with Gloria Steinem

A few months ago, I sat face-to-face with my feminist idol, asking myself, ‘How did I get here?’

Screen shot 2016 11 21 at 12.07.29 pm article
The Content Strategist

Thinx's CEO Talks Feminism, Advertising, and Conscious Capitalism

As a woman challenging a gender-biased “ick” factor, Agrawal has faced skepticism in the limelight. New York magazine painted her as a flimsy feminist “literally” more interested in Burning Man than promoting women’s empowerment. The New York Times gave her more credit for entrepreneurial endeavors and a bohemian lifestyle than her mission to empower females. Yet regardless of her public perception and assumptive portrayals, it’s hard to ignore the force with which Thinx has entered today’s narrative on women’s rights.

Screen shot 2016 11 21 at 12.00.48 pm article
The Content Strategist

Women Are Angry About the Election. Here’s How They’re Taking Action Online

On March 3, 1913—the day before President Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration—8,000 suffragists marched past the White House to protest for the right to vote. Even though the organizers had secured a permit, people spit on, assaulted, and heaved objects at the protesters. Women wouldn’t be able to vote for another six years, but the march was a symbolic demonstration that they were unwilling to surrender their rights.

Screen shot 2017 05 12 at 11.33.38 am article
The Content Strategist

How brightpeak financial Used Audience ...

Paul is a 27 year-old engineer from Minnesota. He’s the kind of millennial who likes to brew homemade beer in his garage while listening to Coldplay, Bon Iver, or The Lumineers. Paul sounds like a pretty cool guy, only he isn’t real.

Screen shot 2016 11 21 at 12.02.51 pm article
The Content Strategist

Becoming the BuzzFeed of Social Activism

A few weeks ago, comedian Chelsea Handler stuck her face in a bowl of spaghetti bolognese. The video was not a stint on one of her late night appearances. Instead, it was a call to action for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to pledge his allegiance to fight world hunger.

Screen shot 2016 11 21 at 12.02.11 pm article
The Content Strategist

Here's How Babbel Built Its Global Video Strategy

Contently Case Story: How Babbel Built Its Global V...

Screen shot 2016 11 21 at 12.01.41 pm article
The Content Strategist

Coke Doesn't Always Get It Right. But When It Does, It Goes Global

Coca-Cola is often hailed for its ability to tell stories that celebrate diversity and inclusion. It’s hard not to be touched by the ad that shows a Coke machine uniting people who live near the hostile Pakistan–India border. And most people probably remember the “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl commercial from 2014, which showed Americans of all ages and ethnicities enjoying Coca-Cola products. The video was set to the title song proudly sung in seven languages.

Screen shot 2017 02 16 at 9.37.50 pm article
The Content Strategist

Inside Athenahealth's Quest to Launch the Vox of Health Care

When President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on March 23, 2010, it became a turning point in American health care. The federal statute established a shared responsibility between the government, employers, and individuals to ensure that Americans would have access to affordable and high-quality health insurance.

Florence infographic article
The Content Strategist

What Florence Nightingale Can Teach Us About Infographics

According to Visually, the first infographics date back to 30,000 BCE, when images were drawn on cave walls to communicate information about populations, animals, and resources. Thousands of years later, the Egyptians used hieroglyphics to tell stories about life, work, and religion. Fast forward to 1857, when the English nurse Florence Nightingale used diagrams to convince Queen Victoria to improve the conditions in military hospitals.

Screen shot 2016 11 21 at 12.09.55 pm article
The Content Strategist

'I Run My Blog More Like a Television Network': Inside Shopify's Next-Level Newsroom

Tommy Walker and his editorial team at Shopify have every intention of getting you hooked. More benign than Walter White, Walker has made content his drug of choice, cooked with the same formula as your favorite TV show.

Screen shot 2017 02 16 at 9.54.16 pm article
The Content Strategist

These Brands Are Showing Publishers How to Tell Stories

Two entrepreneurs meet at a cafe to discuss music and books in six languages. A young mother examines the sonogram of her son, relieved she will give birth to a healthy child. Doctors examine patient data to understand how prescription patterns play a role in the heroin epidemic.

Screen shot 2017 02 16 at 9.39.30 pm article
The Content Strategist

Inside the Strategy That Increased Gild's Audience by 574 Percent

In 1985, Marty McFly and his Back to the Future companions transported themselves to 2015—a world of flying cars, hovercrafts, and self-tying shoelaces. While cars remain road-bound and regular laces still rule the playground, many of the film’s predictions were not far off. A hologram Tupac performed at the 2012 Coachella music festival, flat screen TVs are ubiquitous, and FaceTime has made video chat seamless, to the delight of moms everywhere.